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Serving Seniors and Their Families Since 1997

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Our Adult Day Service Program

Since 1997, Among Friends Adult Day Care, Inc. has provided seniors in the southwest suburbs with the finest daytime care available. We have designed our program in a way that customizes the needs of each individual senior, yet fits into an overall program that makes it uniquely suitable for group activities and group enjoyment. Our adult day care services provide our participants with a chance to be part of a caring, comforting, warm and nurturing environment.

Senior Care Services

Because we have a broad clientele base and spacious areas within our facilities (both Crestwood and Glenwood), we are able to conduct many different activities simultaneously, which enables our guests to choose those that are most favorable to them.

Senior Day Care Service Glenwood

We also believe that the dietary needs of our participants are extremely important. To this end, our food is prepared and delivered to our centers by the Country House Restaurant (Crestwood, IL), a high-end, trusted food service/caterer that has been in business for over 25 years, giving us consistent quality every day.

Senior Day Time Activity

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