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Here at Among Friends, testimonials are just a part about our quality senior care services. We provide your loved one the best possible daycare environment to have fun and socialize with others - See why we're the best place for your loved one to spend the day!

Mom looks forward to tomorrow... wants to know what time the bus is coming. She knows she is not alone and not afraid. She knows someone cares. I always tell family people about your center.

My mother loves it.  It gives her something to look forward to every day.

I could not ask for any better service. Thanks. Your staff has been a big help to me and my husband. The workers seem to have their clients well taken care of.  It seems to be a nice place to spend time with others.

It gives me time to get things done while he is at AFADC.  I don’t have to worry about him walking out of the house.

Client always comes home tired which lets me know client stays active. Drivers and helpers are very courteous and extremely caring. Clients receive services needed, i.e. physical therapy etc. when needed -- excellent provision.

My mother tells everyone she loves AFADC.  She’s more social with family members.  It allows us to have our own time apart from one another.  Other family members don’t have to take off work to assist us.

I would describe Among Friends as a "warm and fuzzy" adult day care.

She can’t wait for the next day. It helps keep her spirit up. She’s more active now. I feel very comfortable when my mom is at AFADC.

My mother loves coming. When she comes home you can tell she had a good time. When she is there I know she is OK. Thank You

Among Friends is fantastic. More people should be aware of your services. I am a strong advocate for your site. It is great how the staff treats the clients. I have peace of mind while my mom is at Among Friends.

I am attending school to better myself. If there was no Among Friends, I couldn’t do this. I tell everyone that Among Friends is a wonderful facility. On days Dad doesn’t attend, all he does is watch TV & sleep. My father needs to be with people his own age, so he doesn’t forget how to socialize with people.

Not enough space to sing the praises of Among Friends staff. Keeps abreast of E.M.’s health issues and is empathetic to all his needs. He is fed well and enjoys the meals. He does not want to miss a day; E.M. looks forward to talking with other seniors; loves to play bowling. E.M enjoys attending which makes us happy. It is a comfort to know that his needs are attended to.

We have more self time—we know she’s safe… well cared for… no longer lonely-depressed. She can share in family social gatherings—telling everyone about exercise class / staff / other clients. She loves crafts, wants to learn cards.

Among Friends helps me in more than one way, and that is a plus. I notice that since I am using the service, I am able to go to work without worrying too much about my loved one. I developed very warm feelings towards the staff of this organization, because they care. I also admire the wonderful teamwork of everyone.

“Life Saver” is how I feel about Among Friends. It has been a God-send to my family and me. Mom loves it and the people there. Instead of being so angry all the time, she now has times that she actually sings! Her self-worth and confidence has really increased. She now is more careful about how she looks. Thanks so much.

I love Among Friends and staff. Without the help and love I receive at Among Friends I would be lost. I thank God for Among Friends.

Dad always talks about how nice the staff is. He is in a better mood and it keeps his mind active. Our family does not have to worry as to who needs to watch him. The driver is always nice and patient, too.

Mom needs to get out and socialize with other people. She wants to go to Among Friends. Everyone goes out of their way to help her. I have told others what a wonderful place to bring your loved ones.

If there were a “10” for excellent that’s grade I’d give.

I am more than pleased with the services, the staff is great, G-R-E-A-T !!!!

Among Friends is a God send.  It’s convenient - several blocks from where I work - I know my mother is safe & well taken care of.

AFADC is the Best!! My Mom is Very happy.

When we arrive at the location she immediately gets out of car without discussion.  Gives caregivers a chance to enjoy their lives.  Staff seem to have great rapport with families. Cannot say enough about the drivers and their courteous behavior with clients -- very attentive.

I’m so glad your facility is open because it allows my mom to interact with people.  She enjoys being around good people.  She definitely sleeps better at night because of daily activity.  I’m always greeted well by everyone whenever I’m there.

I feel that the drivers are exceptionally kind and go beyond in caring & service.

If it was not for Among Friends, my mom’s illness would be deteriorated.  She loves Among Friends and so do I.

She always says she enjoys the personal time -- nails, party, games, song.  Tells everyone, “I just loves it!”   More involved at family functions.  Gives her a reason to interact with friends.

The staff very polite and professional.  I like how they greet her, “Hello, Ms. Annie.”

Among Friends is good for loved one. Day Care Center provides socialization & safety for my loved one.  Peace of mind is important.  It is good to know loved one is in a safe environment!

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